kimboAs mixed martial arts fans all over the world lick their chops in anticipation of the biggest show in the history of The Ultimate Fighter, Kimbo Slice took some time out to speak with the media recently to share his thoughts on his tomorrow evening’s  showdown with Roy Nelson.

The most revealing aspect of the extended conversation with the media was the fact that Kimbo repeatedly and openly discussed his preparations for a bout in December.

The former Youtube brawler let the cat out of the bag for the first time during the conference when asked a general question in regards to his immediate plans, where he revealed, “Well, you know, after I get back home I’m going to continue my training at American Top Team in Coconut Creek. You know, so I continue training, be ready for my flight in December.”

Confirming his previous statement in a response to a later question concerning his typical training schedule for a fight, Kimbo explained, “I’m in camp now. I’m just planning for my fight in December. So I’m just used to training for three months, you know what I’m saying, for a fight. That’s just what I’m used to.”

Perhaps the most revealing moment of the media call came in the very last question where Neil Davidson of The Canadian Press basically had Kimbo confirm that he would be taking part in UFC 107, planned for December 12 from Memphis, Tennessee, before ultimately stating that he couldn’t comment on the situation.

Below is the full transcript from the dialogue between the two:

Neil Davidson: Yes Kimbo. Do I take it then you’re fighting December 12 in Memphis?

Kimbo Slice: Yes. Say that again?

Neil Davidson: Are you fighting December 12 in Memphis?

Kimbo Slice: Yes, I can’t comment on that one now.

Neil Davidson: So that was a yes, no comment?

Okay, I guess that’s it.