Gegard MousasiRecently crowned Strikeforce light-heavyweight champion Gegard Mousasi posted a blog entry on the official M-1 Global website over the weekend. Of the more interesting points in the blog, Mousasi, confirmed he will be a part of the Emelianenko vs. Rogers card, with an opponent to be named later. He also discussed his interest in one day fighting for the UFC, but is in no hurry to leave Strikeforce.

Below are some highlights from the bog entry:

On Strikeforce –

After my win on Babulu, I’ve noticed that I have gotten more American fans. A lot of people didn’t know me but winning against the favorite in Babulu gave me extra attention. There were some people that weren’t convinced yet but I’m happy to show them my ability. I like to read all the great reactions and that people believe in me. It really motivates me and I feel I’m just making my entrance. I still have a long road to go.

In November my second fight for Strikeforce will take place but my opponent is not been determined . I heard some rumors like Kevin Randleman, Paulo Filho and Mike Whitehead. Whitehead would be the most logical pick because he recently won against Randleman. I’ve also heard a rumor that Arona is fighting again and it would be great if Strikeforce can pick him up. We can use a new light heavyweight fighter.

For now, I am just just concentrating on myself. On this level everybody is a threat in a fight. It’s better to look at yourself instead of your opponent.

On Fedor vs. Brett Rogers –

Unfortunately I don’t have the main event yet because the honor goes to Fedor and to be honest I don’t mind it a bit. It’s a interesting matchup. I think Fedor will win but I have to mention that lots of people are underestimating Brett Rogers. Even though he didn’t fight the best of the best yet he still has a undefeated record and almost every fight ended in a KO. Then KO Arlovski in under 30 seconds or so makes me a believer. He’s very big and very strong, so he’s a danger for everybody. So I’m pretty excited for the fight. I hope I don’t break any bones in my fight so I can see the fight live myself. If Fedor wins there is a big chance he will fight Alistair. That’s a match a lot of fans want to see, so do I. Normally I like to see Alistair win, because he’s one of my favorites to watch, but this time I have to root for Fedor.

On the UFC –

I was doubting if I’m doing a UFC chapter in my blog, my first thought was no because I’m not a UFC fighter but on the other hand a lot of people ask me the question ‘when are you going to the UFC?’. I know that the best fighters in my weight fight in the UFC but I’m still young and very happy with Strikeforce as a company. I’ve signed a contract with them and I will fight the fights they give me.

There are so many things possible in a short time, maybe I lose two times and the UFC doesn’t want me at all. That’s why I focus on one fight at a time. My goal in the future is of course to become UFC champion but I’m not in a rush. I’m happy with Strikeforce now and that’s the most important things. I’m now champion and want to defend with honor and dignity. It’s up to fighters like Fedor, Alistair and me to show great fights and make Strikeforce look good. I still believe Strikeforce is the company with the most growth potential. By the way maybe the UFC champions will come to Strikeforce and challenges us for the belt (laughs).

On the future M-1 –

I’ve just came from the M-1 office and saw the plans for 2010, I can’t say anything about it but it looks good! It will be a year with a lot of events and a unique way for up-and-coming talents to put themselves in the big picture. I started at shows like that and it’s good to see that I grow with the company. I’m grateful they help me make the right decisions. M-1 has been in the press a lot lately and a lot of the attention has been bad. Some fans and people only hear one side of the story and that’s a pity. I’m not into politics so I don’t say anything about it but the only thing I can see is that they love the sport and invested a lot in giving talented fighters a platform to perform.