RampageQuinton Jackson has been involved in countless battles throughout his life but perhaps none as important as his ongoing feud with UFC President Dana White and Rashad Evans. On the heels of comments from both White and Evans, who were in turn responding to Jackson’s recent decision to leave Mixed Martial Arts for acting, “Rampage” once again took to his blog to fire back some criticism of his own.

In his most recent posting, Jackson again referred to a feeling of gross disrespect on the part of White and made it clear that, in reference to Evans’ statement about fighting for free, he would “gladly meet him at any gym and fight him just to shut his mouth up.” The following is the former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion’s word-for-word take:

Make no mistake the UFC treated me a lot better than Pride. If you get hurt in training in a UFC fight then will send you to the best doctors. If you get hurt in a Pride fight most of the time they will tell me “oh you better take care of that!” The UFC will always let you know in a timely matter who you will be fighting & give you enough time to train but with Pride if I knew 4 weeks ahead I would be happy cause most times they just give you a 2 weeks notice. Pride will rip you off on your merchandising but the UFC would find someway to hook you up on merchandising deals. Pride will make fights easier for certain fighters inside the ring (like standing up fights early). With the UFC whatever happens, happens. The only thing I see the UFC needs to fix in this area is to get better judges. Ones who know about MMA & not from the boxing world.

The reason why I’m talking about all this is that I feel like this whole situation could have been avoided if UFC would have respected me more & rescheduled the fight about a month or more in my hometown, which I know fights can be rescheduled because of the Matt Hughes & Matt Serra was postponed due to injuries. Instead, Dana went on the internet and started talking bad about my decision. All we had to do was come to a certain type of agreement or understanding, which later came after a lot of trash talk from Dana. My manager flew to Vegas and talked to them and tried to work things out like a MAN. And still I keep quiet and I didn’t talk trash back on the internet. The only reason why I’m even talking now is because I feel like I owe my fans an explanation because I am a MAN…a real MAN. Yeah, I made good money with the UFC – more than Pride – but I made both shows more money than they made me. I didn’t care too much about Pride treating me like crap cause I was an American in a Japanese company. Now in my own country, I feel like I’m being disrespected. Everything is not about how much money you make. You could be the richest man in the world but if nobody respects you then it don’t mean shit. You can’t buy respect. It should be earned. And that’s what I’m all about.

Now Rashad wanna put his two cents in. Rashad remains to be a boy under me. He wins a few fights, and some of them I thought the judges fell asleep during the fight and woke up and saw him playing with his nipples and guessed he won. He knocked Chuck Liddell out when Chuck wasn’t even the same man anymore. And now he thinks he’s on my level. Yeah he talks about how he beat Forrest and I lost. But when I fought Forrest that was the worst Rampage I had ever seen. And I still know in my heart I won that fight. So now he’s Mr. All Cocky and says I got a big mouth and talk a lot of smack. If my memory serves me correctly, he’s the one that got into my face after the Jardine fight and started talking trash when he was the one that was originally supposed to fight me that night, but he told Dana on the phone he didn’t want to fight. He wanted to keep his belt longer. Now, I’m not saying whether or not I would have beaten Machida, but I wouldn’t have went out like a bitch like the way he did. So I’m the one that was looking forward to the Rashad fight the most. I have always been a fighter my whole life. As a kid my family treated me like shit which made me the person who I am today. This is why when I meet people I treat people the way I want to be treated (unless they approach me wrong or piss me off). I grew up thinking that I wasn’t even important to my family which made me not even care about myself. That’s why I can get knee-ed in the face fifteen times and come back for more. That’s why I can get my legs seriously hurt in a fight and still try to win. That’s why I can get my ribs broken in a fight &andnot tap out because my whole life I never thought I mattered to anybody or anybody cared about me. But now I have kids that love me and care about me and I’m not used to people caring about me but it feels good! I’m a very loyal person. Wolves are the most loyal animals on the planet. I was very loyal to the UFC, but now I owe all my loyalty to my kids… the ones who really care for me. The majority of my fights on the street I fought for free and they all were with emotion. I am a fighter, I will always be a fighter but my professional fights that were fought with emotion, I ended them all in devastating fashion. I am the wrong fighter that should fight pissed off professionally. I don’t even consider it fair. So Rashad says he will fight me for free. I will gladly meet him at any gym & fight him just to shut his mouth up. And I mean that for real!