Introducing 5 Oz’s TUF 10 Blogger: Mike “The Juggernaut” Wessel

After growing up on the football field, Mike Wessel wound up landing a job as the strength and conditioning coach for the Arkansas Razorbacks. While content with what many would consider a “dream job”, a year into his stint with the Razorbacks Wessel began to feel that itch for competition he developed during his years spent in football boiling to the surface once again. An itch that could not be fulfilled through watching over the athletic career of others.

Training in kickboxing was the first step for Wessel, and it wasn’t long before he hooked up with fellow fighters Roli Delgado and Matt Hamilton. The rest is history.

Wessel quickly earned the monicker “The Juggernaut” after carving a path of destruction through the heavyweight ranks, finishing his first three bouts by knockout, and putting together an undefeated record of 6-0 in less than a years time spent in the sport.

The rapid rise was enough to catch the attention of the UFC, and when the news came in that Mark Burch wouldn’t be able to compete at UFC 92 as previously expected, Wessel answered the call on less than a weeks notice, facing off with feared kickboxer Antoni Hardonk. While Wessel eventually succumbed to a second round TKO, his heart and fortitude for accepting the fight was widely recognized throughout the mixed martial arts community.

Mike is kind of an exception on the show due to the fact that he had already been signed to a four fight contract with the organization prior to the bout with Hardonk. A contract he agreed to put on hold so he could have the opportunity to be a part of the most highly anticipated season of The Ultimate Fighter in the show’s history.

All of us at are ecstatic about Wessel’s agreement to blog his experiences of being in the house during The Ultimate Fighter Season 10. At 6’0″, 260 pounds, a record of 6-1, and the type of heart you just can’t teach, Mike will definitely be one to keep a close eye on during this season of TUF.

Mike is a really cool, down to earth guy. He’s excited about being a part of the 5 Oz’s family, and we’re excited to have him. You can expect his first column to be rolling out in the days following the first episode of TUF 10, which will be airing tomorrow evening on Spike TV following the UFC Fight Night 19 broadcast.

Please feel free to welcome Mike on board!