fedor mousasiFedor Emelianenko managed to force a tapout from Strikeforce light-heavyweight champion and good friend, Gegard Mousasi during an exhibition sparring match held at “M-1 Global: Breakthrough“.

The entertaining match-up took place this evening from the Memorial Hall in Kansas City.

While just an exhibition match, and neither fighter was going at full strength, it was apparent that Fedor was the superior grappler as he threw Mousasi to the canvas like a rag doll seemingly at will.

The contest started out simple enough, before a big throw from Fedor sent Mousasi crashing to the canvas with a thud that rippled throughout the stadium. A couple of big Emelianenko throws later the smaller Mousasi was able to return the favor with a throw of his own. From there the Dutch-Armenian standout went for an armbar before Fedor was able to escape danger. The pair continued to throw each other about the ring before Emelianenko eventually scored the bout ending armbar from the top position.

The duo were all smiles the entire time, and the crowd voiced their approval at the end of the show for an exhibition that failed to disappoint.