strikeforcecrestFiveOuncesOfPain is back to keep you as up to date as humanly possible on all news Fedor Emelianenko.

If you didn’t already know; Fedor, Vadim Finkelchtein of M-1 Global, Scott Coker of Strikeforce and Ken Hershman from Showtime will be holding a press conference this afternoon at 2 pm ET (or 11 am PT).

No news of the specifics of what will be discussed have been released but possible topics could be a first opponent for Fedor, a date and location for the Fall event that’s expected to feature both Jake Shields and Alistair Overeem, details of Strikeforce’s ground-breaking deal with the DREAM promotion and much more.

Be sure to keep it right here as we will update any relevant news right before your eyes as it breaks. Just be sure to keep refreshing the screen for the most current updates.

*Just informed that the conference will begin in just a few minutes. Stay tuned…. and we’re under way

*Fedor’s first fight with Strikeforce will definitely be in the Fall

*No first opponent has been decided for Fedor at this time

*Vadim states that Dana White’s  claims of the UFC making a better offer than Strikeforce are untrue

*Finkelchtein claims that Strikeforce was able to air their events on a global level, when the UFC could not

*Fedor states that he wants to develop MMA and make some money at the same time

*Coker is informed that Dana White just said that Fedor would put Strikeforce out of business and called Strikeforce – “Strikefarce”, Coker laughs it off and says he’s not surprised at the comments but says nothing negative about the UFC

*The UFC has tried to stop the fight between Mousasi and Babalu, but Mousasi has signed a deal with Strikeforce and he will honor it. The fight with Babalu will go down as planned

*Coker isn’t ruling out an immediate title shot for Fedor at this time

*Showtime has a media campaign planned to familiarize the American public further with Fedor

*Fedor states that he has full control of all of his contracts and gets financial reports at all times. Anything Fedor doesn’t like, he has Vadim stand for. He reiterates that he has complete and total control of his career

*Fedor states that the UFC doesn’t treat their fighters like human beings. He feels they have the wrong attitude torwards their fighters

*Emelianenko states that the offer he got from the UFC was “miserable”, and nowhere near the 6 fight, $30 million reports that circulated throughout the internet

*Coker says everyone has lost, and if Fedor loses it won’t ruin his legacy

*Date and location for October Strikeforce event will be announced in the next two days

*Vadim states that if the numbers about Fedor’s contract offer on the internet were true, they would have signed with the UFC

*Finkelchtein doesn’t believe that M-1 Global is portrayed  accurately in the press. M-1 Global is still a growing company and they don’t have a big PR machine.

*Vadim states that Fedor’s name outside of the United States is much bigger than the UFC. If Fedor comes to the UFC he would make the UFC famous outside of the United States.

*The fact that M-1 Global has already put on shows all over the world was a factor in Strikeforce forming a partnership with M-1 Global

*Fedor feels that he’s sorry that the fight with Brock Lesnar didn’t come to fruition , but he would also like a little respect for his decisions on his future

That’s a wrap folks.