Robert_DrysdaleBlack belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jiitsu and BJJ coach to former UFC light-heavyweight champion Forrest Griffin, Robert Drysdale has recently come under fire by UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva for statements the decorated submission specialist made during the recent airing of the UFC 101 Countdown on Spike TV.

A decorated grappler and coach to other successful UFC fighters such as Randy Couture and Wanderlei Silva, it’s Drysdale’s job to find holes in the arsenal of the opponents his men will be facing. A job he takes very seriously.

“We saw in the Travis Lutter fight; he stays flat on his back, he doesn’t hip out, he gets very frustrated off of his back, and he just doesn’t react well,” explained Drysdale.”Forrest is better than Travis Lutter. He’s better than him. I don’t see [Anderson] being able to handle the pressure Forrest can put on him.

“I see Forrest submitting Anderson Silva. There’s no question in my mind.”

Silva being offended by the recent comments and speculation on Drysdale’s end would be an understatement. According to Anderson, if you haven’t won any championships competing in mixed martial arts, you have no authority to criticize him and what he does in the cage.

“Who is this guy, Robert Drysdale?,” mockingly questioned Silva. “First he wants to train with us, and work out with us, and now that he’s training with Forrest Griffin there’s no question in his mind that [Forrest] is going to submit me? This guy is a fool. Who is this guy? He’s an idiot.

“I have a question for you Robert Drysdale: What titles have you won in MMA? Who are you in MMA? Who are you to judge what I do?”