arlovskiOf all the fighters to recently exit the UFC, Andrei Arlovski was the guy that Dana White stated he was not pleased to see depart.

Back in December 2008 when asked about Arlovski, White said, “In nine years, there’s only one fighter that I’ve lost that I didn’t want to lose.”

However, after recording two straight defeats to Fedor Emelianenko and Brett Rogers, Arlovski is no longer high on the UFC’s shopping list.

“Now, he’s had a couple of bad performances,” said White. “He’s got to get back in the mix and win.”

White also had some advice for his former employee.

“Sometimes, we make bad career decisions. I think leaving the UFC was a bad career decision for him.”

Should Arlovski get his career back on track, he would seem to have a chance to return to promotion that made him famous. White still has appreciation for Arlovski the person if not his current win-loss record.

“I like Andre,” said White. “I don’t dislike him. He’s a nice guy.”

However, with Affliction MMA’s recent demise, the opportunities for “nice guys” has certainly taken a serious hit.