roy jones jr.UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson “The Spider” Silva (24-4) has made it clear that he plans on retiring from the UFC once his contract expires. As of now, Anderson has four fights with the Ultimate Fighting Championships, the most recent on August 8th in Philadelphia against contender Forrest Griffin.

However, according to Anderson himself in a recent conversation with Fighters Only Magazine, he has no intentions of retiring from hand-to-hand combat altogether once he’s through in the Ocatagon.

It’s been talked about for close to a year now and Silva has recently confirmed that there is no question about it; he’s going to box Roy Jones Jr. As a matter of fact, contracts have been inked and it’s only a matter of time from here.

“It is undoubted that I will face Roy Jones,” revealed Silva. “We have talked too much, have signed some contracts and we want to make it the sooner the better. It’s not for money or spotlight, it’s for my desire.

“I watch Roy Jones since he competed as an amateur and in the Olympic Games. I’m looking forward to this fight to put in the ring everything I know, to show my students in the future that I understand what I may say over this or that and don’t seem a pirate parrot.”