Drastic changes to UFC 103 appear to be underway.

titoortiz1Adding fuel to the fire, a newly available fighter such as Tito Ortiz or Vitor Belfort could be seeing action in the Octagon on September 19th as UFC.com has recently removed the previously announced rematch between Rich Franklin and Dan Henderson scheduled to headline UFC 103 in Dallas, TX.

The move was not only a surprise to fans expecting a second clash between the iconic fighters but apparently Franklin himself as well. Earlier today “Ace” posted the following message through Twitter:

“I’ve heard the UFC pulled my fight off the website for 103. I don’t know why. They haven’t spoken to me about this and I assume the fight is still on.”

Henderson has not yet responded on the matter via Twitter but assures people he ate some excellent Mako Shark tacos on Friday night.

Whether the Team Quest icon and former UFC Middleweight Champion will face new opponents, each other, or anyone at all come UFC 103 remains up in the air at this moment.

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