ricksonFifty year old eighth degree Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt Rickson Gracie has seen his fair share of controversy following his last professional fight in May of 2000.

The mythical submission specialist has claimed to possess a fighting record somewhere in the range of 400-0. 

Rickson caught quite a bit of backlash following comments made to Tokyo Sports in which he stated that heavyweight king Fedor Emelianenko had “so-so” technical ability.

The native of Brazil recently revealed to The Rio de Janeiro Times that he feels confident that he would come out on top of a match-up between himself and Brock Lesnar or Fedor, regardless of his age or nine year layoff.

However, Rickson does admit that it would likely take him a little bit longer to submit “The Last Emperor”.

“[Brock Lesnar] is impressive as an athlete, but he has holes in his game like anybody else,” said Gracie. “Technically, he is not as good as Fedor.

“It would take me longer to submit Fedor than it would him

“I am not worried about his abilities. Whether he punches at me on the ground or standing, it is only a matter of time. In some ways, it is easier if he tries to punch at me standing. All the simpler to take him down. It ends in an armbar or a strangle regardless”