Affliction VP Tom Atencio improved his professional mixed martial arts record to 2-0 Saturday evening as he battered Randy Hedderick for the second round TKO stoppage.

The forty two year old Atencio stopped Hedderick at the “Ultimate Chaos” event that took place in Biloxi, Mississippi.

The previously 1-0 Hedderick did a good job landing the more effective strikes in a first round that many observers felt he had won before winding up on the receiving end of an Atencio flurry of punches on the ground that left his nose a bloody mess.

Hedderick did not feel as if he could continue in-between the second and third round due to the damaged nose and the fight was ruled a second round TKO stoppage in favor of the Affliction VP.

Atencio had fought once previously in 2005 at Total Combat 7 where he pulled off the decision victory over David Martinez.