shane carwinThreat to the UFC heavyweight crown and human wrecking machine Shane Carwin has recently been on the receiving end of a few rumors that have him mad as hell, and he’s not going to take it anymore.

Carwin recently took the time to issue a statement through in response to several stories regarding himself recently.

In a recent interview with, UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar spoke about an encounter he had with Carwin prior to UFC 96 where the two powerhouses had the force of their punches tested. According to Brock, it was he who possessed the more powerful hammer.

“Shane Carwin and I actually met the day before UFC 96,” Lesnar was quoted as saying in the recent interview. “He is a great guy – we actually had our punch forces tested too.

“We were told to throw the hardest right cross we could on a punching bag. I was able to rack up 1350 pounds per square inch. He did a little over 1200, making my punch harder.”

Carwin is having a seriously hard time remembering the punching contest that Lesnar is referring to. As he explains to, that punching contest is a matter of pure fiction on Lenar’s part.

“The guy is a freaking liar,” said Carwin. “We never meet at UFC 96, I was getting ready for a battle with Gonzaga not hanging out at Dave and Busters with Brock. I do not understand why guys like Brock claim to have tested against me. He has the belt, shouldn’t he be the standard?”

Shane also wanted to take the time to refute claims that he had previously been enlisted as a training partner for Randy Couture prior to his bout with Lesnar.

“Earlier reports had me training with Couture while he was training for Brock, again a total BS rumor,” confirmed Carwin. “I have never trained with Randy Couture, Randy called me and invited me a while back but it didn’t end up working out.”

Two rumors down and one to go. There has recently been a ton of speculation as to whether or not Carwin would be making his next appearance at UFC 103. According to the undefeated title challenger he has yet to be contacted in regards to his highly anticipated return to the octagon.

“Since we are on the rumor destruction train, no I am not fighting on UFC 103,” said Carwin. “I have not heard from the UFC for some time now. I am without my training partners and coaches as they are on a ‘camping trip’, and again, I have not heard anything about fighting anyone yet.”