Perhaps the most controversial referee in the history of the UFC has fallen under fire once again. This time from the president of the promotion where he does a good amount of his work.danawhite

Steve Mazzagatti got his first crack at being a referee in the octagon way back at UFC 43 and it has been a bumpy road scattered with questionable decisions ever since.

One of his more questionable calls of recent memory was dragged back into the limelight in a recent Maxim Magazine profile on Brock Lesnar and his upcoming rematch with Frank Mir for the UFC’s undisputed heavyweight championship at UFC 100.

The pair’s first meeting at UFC 81 ended in controversy after Lesnar was prohibited from mauling Mir upon Mazzagatti’s decision to stand the two men up to deduct a point from Lesnar for punches to the back of the head. Whether Lesnar was warned or not is unclear. What is clear is if Mazzagatti had warned Lesnar, he hadn’t been overly vocal about it prior to deducting the point. Mir being finished seemed imminent at the time of the stand-up. Lesnar was caught in a knee bar to force the tapout shortly after the separation.

“Frank knows deep down that he lost that fight,” Lesnar was quoted as saying to Maxim. “He got a Christmas present.”

UFC President Dana White also chimed in during the feature and made his feelings on Mazzagatti as a referee quite clear.

“That referee has no business being in this business,” said White.