We’ve heard it all before,”Eat your vegetables so you can grow up to be big and strong”, well that hasn’t exactly been the formula for success that K-1, PRIDE and UFC veteran Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic has used in his life to become the man-beast he is today.

“I don’t eat vegetables, I’m afraid I have to say that’s an excellent part of a diet, but I could never eat that. I honestly don’t want to see that at the table, when I see that it makes me want to faint,” confessed Mirko in a recent interview with DNEVNIK.hr.

However that’s not the only oddity Cro Cop has employed to become one of MMA’s most devastating finishers. According to Filipovic, it’s all in the undies.

“When I have a fight I wear a shirt inside-out, I always make sure I’m in the same underwear,” continued the fearsome Croatian striker. “I have a pair of underwear which I only use for the day of the fight.”

And you can bet that Cro Cop will have his lucky briefs in tow when he ventures to Germany to make his return to the Octagon against Mustapha Al-Turk at UFC 99 this Saturday.

After a dissapointing 1-2 record in his previous stint with the promotion Mirko has been able to take some much needed time away from the sport to clear his head and refocus on the task at hand , which is returning to his old form of kicking his opponents into an unconscious stupor.

“I feel great, I would even say that this small break came in handy,” explained Cro Cop. “That same old flame I had once has returned and I can’t wait to train, even though I train a lot already, every training brings enormous satisfaction and I honestly feel great.”

For those that may be worried that Filipovic may be returning to the UFC for a one fight deal, feel free to breathe a sigh of relief. Mirko has a few more years ahead of him in the game before he starts considering his departure.

“I absolutely have a couple of more years, I can be in good shape for three years and totally ready,” said the always dangerous thirty four year old veteran. “When I think to myself, I give myself about three more years.”

Mirko would be the first to admit that walking away from the sport that has become a way of life for him will inevitably be easier said than done.

“Every day I think about that, and that’s what worries me, how will I make peace when that day comes when I decide that that was the last fight or when I decide to announce that last fight,” admitted Filipovic. “All that worries me, what will I do after and how. I’m not talking financially: I wasted enough sweat and blood to secure my future, I mean I can’t sleep everyday until 12, and waste my time roaming around the city in the afternoon. I have to do something with my time”