With the score between the U.S. and U.K. tied at 4 wins each we are ready to move into the semifinal fights. This week and as seen in advertisements leading up to this week, Dana White comes up with the idea of teammate vs. teammate for the semifinals which would ensure a Team U.S. against Team U.K. finale. White’s idea would certainly make things exciting for the finale however, neither coach takes the bait.

White then makes the fight announcements for the semifinals.

– Andre Winner vs. Cameron Dollar
– Ross Pearson vs. Jason Dent
– Nick Osipczak vs. DaMarques Johnson
– James Wilkes vs. Frank Lester

At the house both teams gather together to have a barbecue and celebrate the beginning of the semifinals. At that time Richie Whitson overhears Jason Pierce discussing his dislike for the U.S. team with David Faulkner. Whitson and Pierce get into a heated argument that ends with Pierce challenging Whitson to move to 170 lbs. but things resolve in the end.

The next morning Whitson again hears Pierce chatting with Team U.K. and sharing information about the U.S. fighters and their training. Whitson and some of the other fighters are not happy to hear this and neither is Henderson who confronts the denying Pierce. Nick Osipczak however confirms later that Pierce had shared information about Johnson for his upcoming fight with him.

DaMarques Johnson vs. Nick Osipczak

Herb Dean is our referee and the first round begins as both fighters open with jabs and a few legs kicks. About one minute in to the fight Johnson score a takedown but it isn’t long before Osipczak is back on his feet.

With 2:50 left in the first round Johnson throws his opponent back to the ground.

Osipczak attempts an armbar but Johnson pulls his arm out ending up in half guard. Johnson attempts to move into mount but Osipczak defends and keeps his opponent in half guard. While Osipczak is on his back he defends well landing many elbows from the bottom.

Both fighters are back to their feet with under a minute remaining in the first round and Osipczak catches Johnson and follows shot after shot. Johnson appears to be done but in the last seconds Johnson digs deep and counters back making for a very exiting end to the first round.

The second round heats up when Osipczak shoots for a takedown and Johnson sprawls ending up in side control. Johnson delivers unanswered blows and controls most of the fight on the ground. With 1:16 left in the second round Johnson moves into mount but Osipczak quickly rolls and gives up his back.

Osipczak simply covers up while Johnson continues to reign down punches in what appears to be the end of the fight, however Herb Dean allows the fight to live out it’s final seconds.

Osipczak, appearing dazed raises to his feet as Bisping repeatedly asks him if he is “ok”.

Both fighters are game for the third round and continue to bang it out for the first half of the round although Johnson appears to be the more dominant and aggressive fighter.

Once again Johnson takes the fight to the ground being the more dominant fighter and landing a few shots from the top. Johnson again passes Osipczak’s guard, moves into the mount and takes the back.

Osipczak grabs an arm and successfully turns into Johnson and into his his guard.

Here Johnson appears to take his first rest in the fight and rides out the rest of the third round taking minimal damage although not without valiant effort from Osipczak.

White announces the obvious winner (Johnson) in what was a “hell of a fight”, said by both Bisping and Johnson.

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-DaMarques Johnson def. Nick Osipczak via unanimous decision