Monday’s always suck for me. The weekends go by way too fast and I feel as though no matter how much I accomplished over the course of two days it is never enough.

I spent the weekend thinking about The Ultimate Fighter Season Ten and why Rashad Evans was chosen to coach opposite Rampage Jackson. This was the perfect opportunity for the UFC to get Lyoto Machida the mainstream attention he not only needs but rightfully deserves. Not only is Rampage losing out by getting passed up again for a title shot, we the fans are losing out as well.

I know a lot of MMA fans who weren’t familiar with Antonio Rodrigo Noguiera before his stint on TUF. They knew who he was as a fighter but had no idea who the man behind the fighter was. Thankfully the UFC gave us that opportunity, and I believe he gained a whole new legion of fans since the show aired. Machida could have benefitted in much the same manner but now we get stuck with having to watch Rashad Evans who possesses absolutely no charisma and lacks any sort of personality.

Last but not least in this whole story is, why is Shogun getting a title shot? If anything stick him on the show against Rampage and have them fight it out. Not only would the world get to know Shogun a little bit better but the two of them already have heat and Rampage has been dying for an opportunity to redeem himself from that brutal loss a few years back. Shogun’s UFC stint has been highlighted by knockout victories over two aging fighters in Chuck Liddell and Mark Coleman. I am sorry to say but defeating Chuck Liddell in 2009 is not the same as it was in 2006. He has not earned a title shot by any stretch of the imagination.

For those of you who are basketball fans you may have caught the controversy started when LeBron James did not offer any congratulatory words or shake any of the Magic players hands after losing the Eastern Conference Finals in six games. In an interview James did he said he is a competitor and could not find it in him to shake the hands of the players who had just defeated him. He went on to say if it was a fight would you shake the hand of the guy who just beat you up? Watch MMA LeBron and see how true professional athletes act whether they win or lose. These little things need to get more attention and maybe if they do people will start to understand how special this sport truly is and how gracious these athletes really are.

Matt Hughes chimed in on the Machida-Evans fight. Ok, he is a legend and has been around the sport a long time so I tend to listen to what he has to say for the most part. To criticize Greg Jackson who many consider one of the best trainers in the sport is wrong. Hughes went on to say that he didn’t believe that the decision not to bring any fighters who resembled Machida’s style was the former champions downfall. Well tell me Hughes, who out there can even attempt to copy Machida’s style? He also said that Rashad should have been coached on his wrestling. Another point that goes out the window as Machida defends over 80% of his opponents takedown attempts. Stick to fighting Hughes, well actually please don’t.

Last but not least, Tim Sylvia is talking about switching to boxing full time if his bout against 99 year old Ray Mercer goes his way. The former UFC heavyweight champion said that the money is better and boxing doesn’t require as much training as MMA does. That tells me he is looking to make as much money for doing as little work as possible. I don’t see how he can top his $750k payday for his 36 seconds of work against Fedor last year. Tim, you were paid over $20k per second against Fedor, you will never come close to making that type of money again in either sport. He thinks he has what it takes to fight some of the heavyweight champions in boxing, adding that some of the paydays top $10 million. He must still be woozy from the beating he received that fateful night last July.