After pressure from a local child protection commission, the UFC has been forced to ban minors from attending UFC 99 in Germany.

The announcement of the ban was recently publicized in a report by Dave Meltzer at Yahoo! Sports.

Initially the call to action was to ban the event completely. One of Germany’s largest newspapers published a front page article that set off a chain reaction of negative publicity. Conclusively, the UFC has been forced to ban anyone under the age of eighteen from attending the event live.

Much of the negative publicity stems from incorrect information that the UFC bans only biting and eye-poking.

Those educated and informed about the sport know that the UFC adopted the Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts back in 2000. The rules ban many potentially dangerous moves possible in an MMA bout.

There is a distinct possibility that there has been a lapse in communication amongst sanctioning and administrative bodies in Germany. Did Germany officials involved with the event not do their part in educating the community? UFC President Dana White has made multiple trips to Germany in preparation for the event, so it would be hard pressed to think that the UFC didn’t do their part in the public relations sector.

UFC 99 takes place on June 13 in Cologne, Germany. It will feature a main event catchweight bout (195 lbs) between Wanderlei Silva and Rich Franklin. The event will be held at the Lanxess Arena and marks another UFC milestone as the first event in Germany.