For Tom Eagan, being tapped to compete for the UFC during January’s UFC 93 event in his home country of Ireland was a dream come true. Unfortunately, the dream has ended for now after just one fight.

According to the official web site for the U.K.-based MMA magazine Fighters Only, the 20-year old Eagan has been released by the UFC on the heels of his loss to U.K.-based fighter John Hathaway during his UFC debut.

Hathaway, who was also making his UFC debut, took advantage of an inexperienced Eagan and TKO’d him at 4:36 of round 1 with ground and pound elbows.

The defeat served as the first blemish on Eagan’s record, who had been 3-0 coming into the fight. The UFC first became aware of Eagan after he attempted to try out for the upcoming ninth season of The Ultimate Fighter: U.S. vs. U.K.

Sources indicate that the UFC had been interested in casting Eagan for the show but because he was not of legal drinking age in the United States, where the show is filmed, it was determined he would be a liability since alcohol is prevalent inside of the TUF Mansion.

UFC 93 served as the promotion’s first trip to Ireland and the company has every intention of returning in the future. It was believed they were looking to build Eagan into a local draw, so it is possible he could get a second chance with the organization when it returns to Ireland in the future.