A rematch between WEC lightweight champion Jamie Varner and number one contender Donald Cerrone is already in the planning stages, according to a CBSSports.com report by FiveOuncesOfPain.com and 15Rounds.com contributor Gary Herman.

WEC Vice President Peter Dropick not only confirmed the possible rematch, but said that Varner’s home state of Arizona is being considered as a potential destination.

“Arizona is definitely possible for the rematch,” Dropick told Herman. “Their rules have changed.”

Varner is already on board for a second fight vs. Cerrone.

“Oh, hell yeah,” Varner is quoted in the report as responding when asked about possibly facing Cerrone again. “There will be a rematch. It was an honor to fight this guy. He’s still the number one contender. I can’t wait to fight him again.”

Varner and Cerrone headlined last Sunday’s WEC 38 event in San Diego, Calif. in a bout that ended in controversy. Varner was unable to continue after being on the receiving end of an illegal knee to the head by Cerrone. The match was called to a stop with the fight going to the judges’ scorecards despite the fact that nearly three minutes and thirty seconds remained in the bout. Varner was then declared the victor via split decision in the abbreviated contest.

The scheduling of the rematch may not happen for an extended duration due to the fact that Varner broke a bone in his foot as well as the index metacarpal on his right hand.