KO Dynasty Sports Management has released a statement via its website in response to UFC lightweight Josh Neer’s New Year’s Day arrest in Des Moines, Iowa on charges of DUI and eluding arrest.

“We are still looking into the matter as a lot of the facts are still unclear,” the statement began. “We back Josh 100% in resolving this issue as quickly as possible, and putting this matter behind us and moving forward.”

The statement is attributed to Mickey Dubberly, an executive with KO Dynasty, who offered a personal endorsement.

“I know Josh on a personal and business level, and he is a great person, fighter, and loving father,” he says in the statement. “We apologize to Josh’s fans, family, friends, and the UFC while we have to deal with this incident.”

Dubberly closed the statement by expressing regret that the negative attention has brought the UFC but asked fans to reserve judgment until Neer has his day in court.

“In no way do we ever want to bring any negativity towards the UFC as they have been nothing but great to Josh. Josh is already looking forward to put this incident behind him, and is focusing on his fight with Mac Danzig. We would hope everyone would reserve judgment until all the facts are known in a court of law instead of just going off of heresay. No further comments will be made until after the court hearing. Josh wants to thank his friends, fans, family, training partners, the UFC, and everyone that stands behind him for supporting him thru his career.”