While a guest on “The Carmichael Dave Show” this past Monday night on KHTK in Sacramento, UFC President Dana White spent a good portion of the interview breaking down the action witnessed from this past Saturday’s UFC 92 event.

One of the major topics discussed during the interview was Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira losing the interim UFC heavyweight title to Frank Mir following a second round TKO. The win by Mir was considered a major upset and White shared his thoughts as to why the surprise outcome may have occurred.

“Nogueira had some other problems too going into [UFC 92]. Nogueira had just gotten over a Staph infection and he had some other problems but when [Nogueira] fought in PRIDE. PRIDE put on such freak shows — guys fighting out of their weight class, things like that. That’s why I’m so against it. That’s how you ruin guys early. If you’re a professional athlete, time is not good to you. Time catches us all.”

One of the “freak show” fights that White was referencing was Nogueira’s 2002 bout vs. Bob Sapp during PRIDE’s Shockwave” event. Sapp is a 350-plus pound former NFL offensive lineman who outweighed Nogueira by over 100 pounds.

Despite the disparity in weight, Nogueira still submitted Sapp with an armbar at 4:03 of round 2. However, the win came with a price as the former PRIDE heavyweight champion suffered a sustained amount of punishment during the vast majority of the content.

What’s next for Nogueira is not know, however, White did not rule out the possibility of a fight between him and former UFC heavyweight champion Randy Couture.