Dave’s reaction to the fight was surprising. He still could not accept that he lost. His excuse was using the wrong game plan. He said, “I wanted to take Phillipe’s best punches and show him that he can’t hurt me.”

Now that is just plain stupid.

No one plans on getting hit during a fight. In any fight each person tries to avoid getting hit. If that was really his game plan, then he’s a moron.

The night after the fight he made himself look like a fool. Drinking urine with Tom and getting punched in the face by Tom. It just made him look even more foolish. I believe he did this only to get camera time. Well, it worked — he got a few minutes of camera time!

What wasn’t shown was him holding the cup of urine and trying to chase camera men as if he was going to throw it at them. He got out of control. At one point an assistant producer had to remind him not to mess with the camera men. That was a specific rule we were to follow: “Camera men do not exist. Don’t look at them! Don’t talk to them!”

The pranks were hilarious on this episode. Making Krzysztof’s room the “UFC Storage Room” cracked me up. Notice no one really helped him clean the room up. I felt bad for him after that. But Krystof is a funny guy and his prank pretty much screwed the whole house.

I remember waking up that morning and walking into the kitchen to eat breakfast. Seeing the kitchen table missing, I knew something was up! Krzysztof, myself, and most of the guys were upset that no one cleaned their dishes after they ate. I was furious about this. I personally need to live in a clean house. I will never leave a dish int he sink overnight. People took advantage and lived like slobs. So Krzysztof’s prank sort of punished everyone especially those who didn’t feel like washing dishes was necessary.

The coaches challenge was a great surprise. I think Nogueira is a true sportsman. Even though he never played soccer before he still pulled out the win! As soon as we got there he started warming up. He put on the soccer gear; like knee pads and gloves and really got into it. He was dripping sweat trying to win the match. He jumped and leaped to block out balls. I was proud of him. He knew each fighter on the team could really use the $1,000 each and the pressure was on. Mir should have got into it a little more. I mean, it is an $18,000 soccer match!

Al Stankie’s is a great character on the show. He kept our spirits high and brought a sort of old school boxing environment to training. He doesn’t know much about MMA, takedowns or ground work. “Why go on the ground and smell all those farts when you can just beat him on the feet,” he said. I like working with him as did most of the guys on our team. His combos were more related to straight boxing though. It didn’t matter. I just needed to get my punches out for a few rounds.

Things you should know about Al: he screams out funny things during training all the time like “Manchita!”  I think that’s his Mexican girlfriend. “Ain’t nothing but a party, baby!” Also “HOEEEE!” and much more!
Stankie loves flirting with young girls. He one time interrupted a cast meeting and ask one of the assistant producers to come home with him as a joke. He wears rash guards and beanies all the time even in public and at restaurants. His son was a New York Yankee, Andy Stankowitz. He has a great vibrating massage machine that feels incredible on my back. He talks a lot and sometimes doesn’t stop. But overall he was fun to be around and I enjoyed him as did everyone else on the show, including the production personnel.

Regarding the fight, I was sad to see Kyle lose. I agree with Nogueira that he acted like team leader. If you analyzed his attitude after the fight you can see what kind of a person he is. He was still proud to have fought Krzysztof. He accepted that he needs to work on his ground game. He is a good team player and has a great outlook on fighting. He took the loss gracefully. I’m also proud of Krzysztof. He is an excellent fighter with so much experience. I see him taking his career far. He also has a great heart fighting with what I thought looked like a broken thumb.