After watching the episode a few times I was appalled to see how much focus was given to Junie’s and Nelson’s antics. I hope the people watching can separate that type of a so-called MMA fighter from the new age professionals that truly deserve to be on the show.

The UFC and MMA in general have blown up to incredible proportions in the last 10-to-15 years. The only thing stopping MMA from getting main steam are the politicians and conservatives who believe MMA is “to barbaric and violent.” Junie and Nelson particularly brought evidence to that point.

They got drunk and inner-thoughts of violence broke out. They started breaking things like delinquents as a way to show how angry and cool they can be. That is not how a human being should act and even further not how a professional fighter should act on  television.

The incidents that occurred on the show brought us back a few years politically in the struggle to bring the UFC to every state. Even in my hometown of New York, MMA is banned! MMA is not about bar brawls or street fights. The people who still think it is, now have someone to look up to: Junie! Young kids and parents will watch that episode and be turned off. I would not want my kid to be involved in something like that.

I feel ashamed of the two cast members. At one point I almost felt sorry for them but those feelings ran dry after realizing that they weren’t genuinely sorry for their actions. As you can see I haven’t been getting much face time on the last few episodes. I try to stay away from drunk violent behavior not only on the show but in life in general. People like that have nothing to offer. I was sleeping tucked in my bed during that pool incident. I made sure I slept early almost every night so I can the most out of training the next day. I got on the show with one goal in mind. And that didn’t include drinking like a imbecile in front of five million people.
Junie should have been thrown out right after he threw that glass at Kyle. That was assault. He should have been arrested. I wasn’t comfortable sleeping in the house with a drunk on the loose. Thoughts of him pulling out a kitchen knife and stabbing another fighter crossed my mind. Sorry Junie, but if I was Dana you would have been gone!

Junie jumping over the cage after Efrain’s fight was just a way to get more camera time. He will now be the person America loves to hate. Just the plan he had in mind.

I really hope the fans can learn something from this episode. And that is it: drinking alcohol is just poisoning your body and it will hurt you.

I think Nelson’s performance was great for the first three minutes. After that his tank was close to empty and he couldn’t give it his all. He knows he could have done better and he knows its mostly due to his conditioning level. Efrain looked great in the fight. His take downs were on point. He had solid knees. He looked great in the scramble also. My hat goes off to Efrain for keeping his cool and winning the battle in the cage (where it matters) and not with his mouth!