While not yet a household name in mixed martial arts, middleweight Tim Kennedy has all the tools needed to go far in the sport.

Despite an impressive 9-2 record with notable victories over Jason “Mayhem” Miller, Dante Rivera, Ryan McGivern, and Hector Urbina, Kennedy has yet to breakthrough into the sport’s upper-echelon at 185 pounds.

The issue for Kennedy has been that since 2001, he has competed in just 11 pro bouts. His part-time fight schedule can be directly attributed to the fact that he’s Staff Sargent with the United States Army.

But things could be about to change for Kennedy, as the Army Times is reporting that Kennedy plans to go on terminal leave in the fall and eventually leave the Army. His enlistment ends on Jan. 5.

Kennedy apparently considered re-enlisting but the article indicates his bosses at Special Operations Command are currently preventing him from competing in civilian MMA fights. After five years in the military, Kennedy was put in a position where he has to make a choice.

Kennedy’s decision is notable because after compiling a perfect 3-0 record in the IFL, he is considered one of the top unsigned talents in this sport. A tremendous all-around fighting talent, Kennedy also comes with a backstory that would make any promoter drool.

FiveOuncesOfPain.com has spoken to several sources with top major MMA promotions in recent months that have confirmed their interest in Kennedy. Once they hear that he is going to pursue MMA on a full-time basis, their interest level is likely only to increase.