In the July 29 print edition of the Wrestling Observer, Dave Meltzer indicates the trend numbers based on interest level for UFC 86 on July 5 are calculating estimates of 520,000 buys on pay-per-view.

It should be noted that the estimate is based on trending patterns and is not an actual estimate leaked by someone in the cable industry. However, Meltzer indicates that the trending estimates have proven to be very accurate.

If the UFC 86 number holds up, it would place it as the fourth biggest North American pay-per-view this year, right behind Wrestlemania (688,00), UFC 81: Lesnar vs. Mir (600,000) and UFC 83: Serra vs. St. Pierre II.

It should be noted that the UFC never reveals its pay-per-view numbers in an official capacity and numbers that become available are usually estimates that are provided off the record by executives within the cable industry.