2248662628_f928ef54d0.jpg Ken Pavia, the agent for UFC welterweight Anthony “Rumble” Johnson, recently revealed that he will be filing a formal appeal as a result of Johnson’s TKO loss on Saturday during UFC Fight Night 14.

During the bout, Johnson had been on the receiving end of several eye pokes from his opponent, Kevin Burns. In spite of multiple warnings, Johnson still received a severe poke during the third and final round of the fight. After taking the finger to the eye, Johnson retreated to the canvas and covered up. Referee Steve Mazzagatti then called a stop to the fight and later ruled Burns the winner via TKO.

I would be remiss if I didn’t file a complaint and seek recourse for the outcome of the Anthony Johnson  fight results this weekend,” Pavia stated during a forum post in the Underground forum at MixedMartialArts.com.

“Anthony Johnson has accepted what has happened and has shown nothing but class through the process,” Pavia added towards the end of his post. “This was most evident in the first round when he inadvertently kick Kevin Burns in the groin and backed off and apologized.  He didn’t not call Kevin Burns out for the six or so eye gouges with and open hand or for pouncing after putting three of his finger print on the back of his eye socket.  Rumble told me he thought his eye popped out.”

Whether Pavia will have any success in trying to get the decision overturned remains to be seen, as fight outcomes are rarely changed after the fact. Complicating matters is the fact that the Nevada State Athletic Commission may not even allow a decision to be overturned. Pavia expressed that he still believes the commission may take action.

“While there may not be a code section that affords the opportunity to overturn a decision as (NSAC Executive Director Keith Kizer) informed me, he has always considered all input and done his best to effectuate justice,” said Pavia.