bigfist4.jpg Make sure you come back to the site tonight at 9 p.m. ET as 5 Oz. presents a live chat event covering both UFC Fight Night 14 and Affliction: Banned. We’ll be on top of any breaking news that takes place before the event, and of course, we’ll have results after the event (note: we’re a sports news site so we will not have any spoiler warnings… just like doesn’t offer you a spoiler warning about a baseball game in progress, we won’t be doing the same for any MMA events). Make sure you check back after the events for post-fight news as well as our thorough analysis.

In the meantime, whether you’re watching Affliction: Banned tonight or UFC Fight Night 14 — or BOTH — 5 Oz. of Pain has got you covered. We’ve produced a ton of content to help get you prepared for both events. Unless you read the site multiple times daily, chances are you might have missed out. Knowing that, we’ve decided to recap and link to all the free UFN 14 and Affliction: Banned content that is ready and waiting to be accessed.

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Affliction: Banned Weigh-In Results

UFC Fight Night 14 Preview

UFC Fight Night 14 Pain Poll

UFC Fight Night 14 Weigh-In Results

5 Oz. Exclusive Interview with Jesse Taylor

Special UFN 14/Affliction edition of “The Duel”

Dale Hartt Profile

DREAM.5 Video Preview