The Association of Boxing Commissioners has elected to create a committee to oversee the sport of Mixed Martial Arts.

Nick Lembo, the legal counsel for the New Jersey Athletic Control Board, has been chosen to chair the committee.

Other member on the committee will include Jim Erickson (North Dakota SAC), Armando Garcia (CSAC), Keith Kizer (NSAC), Dale Kliparchuk (River Cree AC), Josef Mason (Colorado AC), and Michael Mazzulli (Mohegan Athletic Unit).

The committee will be reviewing rules and regulations regarding professional and amateur MMA. The ABC’s next meeting will be in July 2009 in New Orleans.

It’s interesting that so far John McCarthy’s name hasn’t been attached to the committee. McCarthy was the one who proposed some of the new changes that were implement during the ABC’s meeting in July.

This committee has been a long time coming. Imagine that… a group of MMA people making decisions about the direction of the sport as opposed to a bunch of boxing people making decisions on MMA’s behalf. How novel.