The Las Vegas Sun dropped a few notes on their site from the UFC 86 post-fight presser. The show garnered an attendance of 11,172 with a gate total of $3.2 million. That places this show at #6 out of the top shows in Nevada history.

According to UFC President Dana White, Patrick Cote has earned himself a title shot. The plan is to have Anderson Silva fight with Yushin Okami, then slide Cote into the title fight against the winner.

In an attempt to muffle the cash register sounds going on in White’s head, he commented nonchalantly on a Griffin-Jackson rematch:

Rampage wants a rematch. Forrest said he’d give him a rematch. A rematch would probably be good for everyone involved. But there’s a lot of different things involved.

There are a million different scenarios we can do. It also depends on his (Rampage’s) leg.

White also mentioned that the UFC is trying to do shows in Chicago in October, and Boston in November. These two shows will come just after the UFC’s October 18 card in Birmingham, England. So maybe a Fight Night in Chicago, and pay-per-view in Boston the following month.