250px-megadeth_live_at_brixton_academy.jpg Affliction announced via press release on Thursday that platinum selling heavy metal band Megadeth will be performing live during the clothing maker’s first-ever mixed martial arts pay-per-view on July 19 at the Honda Center in Anaheim, Calif.

While the announcement may seem a little out of left field, in addition to sponsoring MMA fighters and boxers, the company has also tried to promote its brand through harder rock acts. That being said, the addition of Megadeth to the bill will no doubt be greeted with a negative reaction by many of MMA’s hardcore fans.

Megadeth’s involvement has been rumored for quite some time. At one point, they were initially attached to the card before a source informed FiveOuncesOfPain.com on separate occasions that Korn and Ozzy Osbourne had also been approached as being the event’s featured musical act.

While I will give Megadeth some props since I’ve heard that frontman Dave Mustaine is a big mixed martial arts fan that has trained in the past, I’ve got to be honest in saying that I’ve never been a Megadeth guy. That says a lot coming from someone considers heavy metal his music of choice.

Mustaine is a good guitarist, but I just couldn’t get past his voice. The fact that he also pulled a Jesse Taylor and got booted from Metallica right before they broke big is also something I can’t get past. Some will say this is blasphemous, but I was never into Megadeth or Metallica. For me, it’s an easy call: the greatest heavy metal band ever was Pantera.

In addition to Pantera, I have to say the Deftones and Lamb of God are right up there. Two other heavier acts I always enjoyed that simply never got the due they deserved were the Orange County-based Snot and the Mid Atlantic-based Nothingface. If you’re a fan of either Snot or Nothingface, then I’m a fan of yours.