As stated yesterday, Tito Ortiz made comments stating he would give the UFC another chance should Dana White apologize for the things he has done to him. Well, Dana responded at the conference call and shockingly he’s not playing into Tito’s hand:

“Tito is a f—ing idiot,” White said. “He’s one of the dumbest human beings I’ve ever met. Everything that comes out of his mouth makes no sense.”

White added that he doesn’t think UFC needs Ortiz because he doesn’t think Ortiz can beat any of UFC’s top fighters.

“I put up with his s— when he was a good fighter,” White said. “He’s not anymore.”

“He’s not in anybody’s Top 10,” White said. “I have no interest whatsoever in being in the Tito Ortiz business. … I’ve never wanted to see anyone get their ass kicked worse than I want to see Tito get his kicked next Saturday night.”

As always the problem with White is he’s never clear on his feelings….

While he’s not in many top tens, he’s still ranked at #10 over MMAWeekly, which atleast for a long period of time were considered the best rankings in the sport.

This is one of those rare feuds where a majority of people don’t even care to take a side. Few would side with Ortiz as few of us would put up with someone publicly insulting us time and time again and no doubt complaining about money and holding out on contracts. On the other hand few would side with White who never takes the high road, frequently says questionable and unfounded things, and even had a Spike TV special which was basically a 90-minute infomercial about how his most marketable star was a coward.

Sure, maybe a marketable star and a top promotion are the best fit for one another. But maybe a top marketable star against a top promotion would actually be more entertaining. While White is probably correct that Ortiz is no longer a world champion candidate, he is still arguably the #1 MMA star in the country with his UFC name and his Celebrity Apprentice appearance.

Doesn’t Ortiz deserve the big money of being the top name? Doesn’t the UFC deserve the right to not pay someone ridiculous money when they can’t beat a top star in a big time main event? Does the UFC owe Ortiz for helping to keep them afloat and being their name? Does Ortiz owe the UFC for making him a star?

Welcome to a rare situation where no one is right and no one is wrong.