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The first-ever 5 Oz. of Pain Fantasy MMA Mock Draft is really flowing at breakneck speed right now. You can now access the results of round nine below. Check back later today, because round 10 will be posted as well.

In case you’re new to the site , you can re-live the glory of the previous rounds.

To make a long story short, this is not a pound-for-pound top fighter list. What we’re doing is essentially pretending that every fighter in the world is suddenly declared a free agent with six new organizations selecting talent through a draft format.

The idea is to see how six different fans would construct their organization and which fighters they would select to help them execute their vision. Much like real world MMA, every promoter has their different philosophy with each organization establishing its own identity.

The results to round nine are available below.

9.1 Adam Morgan: Matt Serra

Previous Picks: Georges St. Pierre (round 1), Kimbo Slice (round 2) and Jake Shields (round 3), Carlos Condit (round 4), Diego Sanchez (round 5), Matt Hughes (round 6), Josh Koscheck (round 7) , and Shinya Aoki (round 8 )

Analysis: Serra has main event experience and can fight at both lightweight and welterweight. I can have him fight Diego Sanchez or Aoki at lightweight or I can have him fight the grudge match with Matt Hughes at welterweight. Picking Serra not only gives me versatility, but also gives me a guy who has had major TV exposure and knows how to hype a fight. With Serra, you either love him or hate him but he gets the crowd pumped up for a fight. GSP vs. Serra 2 shouldn’t have been as anticipated as it was, but it was that way because Serra made it that way. He talked enough trash for both fighters and ended up hyping a fight that wasn’t very competitive on paper and ended up being even less competitive in the cage. But people still bought the PPV and that’s all that matters.

9.2 Mike Huckaby: Thiago Silva

Previous Picks: Chuck Liddell (round 1), Forrest Griffin (round 2) and Wanderlei Silva (round 3), Andrei Arlovski (round 4), Mirko Cro Cop (round 5), Rashad Evans (round 6), Tim Sylvia (round 7), and Fabricio Werdum (round 8 )

Analysis: One of my two aces in the hole. Probably a couple of rounds too soon but Ram has already set the precedent when it comes to picking guys several rounds too early. Undefeated, 3-0 in the UFC, brutal knockout power, and great submission skills when he’s forced. Silva is going to be a top guy in the coming years and he’s incredibly exciting to watch. His complete and utter devastation of Houston Alexander is just the latest, he can beat down the top strikers in the game and use that same skill to completely dominate grapplers. Thiago is just one example of the next generation of mixed martial artists and I’m proud to have him on my team and in my organization for years to come.

9.3 Ram Maramba: Miguel Torres

Previous Picks: Quinton Jackson (round 1), Randy Couture (round 2) and Urijah Faber (round 3), Keith Jardine (round 4), Kid Yamamoto (round 5), Lyoto Machida (round 6), Frank Mir (round 7), and Gilbert Melendez (round 8 )

Analysis: Double damn. I was expecting Aoki to lose last night, but I think his win lit a fire under Morgan and took him out from under me. Huck, defying a long-standing record of fail(!), picked up a nice sleeper in Thiago Silva. I thought both were flying under the radar and I paid dearly for waiting too long. Oh well. I may as well pick up the last ace up my sleeve, Miguel Torres. No one else is building the lower classes, but I just got stung twice and I’m not taking any more chances.

Torres makes it onto the majority of P4P lists, so having him on board gives me half of the consensus top 10 P4Ps along with Rampage, Couture, Faber and Kid Yamamoto. Just the thought of the matchups between him, Faber, Kid and possibly Melendez has me drooling and slightly aroused. If I had Aoki at 145, I’d be downright horny.

Huck says I overvalue? The guy with a decent LHW division that passed on Machida and Hendo in favor of Arlovski and Cro Cop in rounds 5 and 6? Nice. I guess you’re waiting ’til round 10 to steal Gan Mcgee, huh? Here’s an idea: draft somebody who can stop the run. Just because the Colts can’t, doesn’t mean you can’t either. Yoink!

9.4 Matt Cava: Nick Diaz

Previous Picks: B.J. Penn (round 1), Anderson Silva (round 2) and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira (round 3), Jon Fitch (round 4), Matt Lindland (round 5), Sean Sherk (round 6), Paulo Filho (round 7), and Aleksander Emelianenko (round 8 )

Analysis: Nick may not have a top 10 ranking for overall skill, he’s definitely got a top 5 ranking for a young fighter the fans love to see. I dare any manager in this draft to say they wouldn’t want Nick Diaz on their roster. My roster is jammed with title holders and former champs, now with picks of Aleks and Nick Diaz, I’m bring cranking up the entertainment factor. Oh yea, and don’t forget, Diaz whooped Gomi’s ass, and Gomi was picked 5 rounds ago!!

9.5 Sam Caplan: Gabriel Gonzaga

Previous Picks: Brock Lesnar (round 1), Fedor Emelianenko (round 2) and Josh Barnett (round 3), Mauricio “Shogun” Rua (round 4), Brandon Vera (round 5), Dan Henderson (round 6), Rich Franklin (round 7) and Jason “Mayhem” Miller (round 8 )

Analysis: Like Vera, this is another fighter would would have went much higher if we had done this draft in the middle of last year. But after losing to Randy Couture in August and then letting his will get broken by Fabricio Werdum this past January at UFC 80, people are bearish on him, and understandably so.

This is a pick of need. After taking a light heavyweight fighter and some middleweights, I need to continue to fortify my heavyweight division and Gonzaga is without question the best heavyweight available. Finding young heavyweight fighters this late that are jiu-jitsu black belts that also have some standup skills is virtually impossible.

Believe me, I have a lot of questions about this pick but Gonzaga’s potential is too much to ignore. If this guy does some soul searching and gets the eye of the tiger back, this pick will prove to be a steal. However, if the way he fought vs. Werdum becomes a trend, this pick will prove to be a bust.

9.6 Sam Cupitt: Nate Diaz

Previous Picks: Frank Shamrock (round 1), Tito Ortiz (round 2), and Gesias “JZ Calvan” Calvancante (round 3), Takanori Gomi (round 4), Roger Huerta (round 5), Kenny Florian (round 6), Cung Le (round 7), and Michael Bisping (round 8 )

Analysis: I was pretty damn shocked to see JZ lose against Aoki. Even though their first fight didn’t go that long it looked to me as though Calvancante had it won as long as he didn’t fall over. JZ’s loss shunts him down the rankings a little bit meaning I need to stack my lightweight tournament just a little bit more to overcome the problem. The obvious choice would have been Aoki, but Morgan snatched him up before I could lay claim so I think I’ll just go for another lanky lightweight in the form of Nate Diaz.

The kid’s a gamer as well as an “Ultimate Fighter” winner so he has both the name recognition and exciting style which makes him a perfect fit for my organization (called either EGO, TBA, or NOT SAMMA). Diaz has the Nogueira-esque quality of being able to take a severe amount of punishment before snatching victory with a last-gasp submission. It doesn’t hurt that his brother, Nick, dished out a rather embarrassing loss to fellow tournament competitor, Takanori Gomi meaning there is a story in place for a fight between he and Nate.

Basically Nate Diaz is just Nick Diaz without the pot controversy. That’s not to say I wouldn’t have claimed Nick if Cava didn’t.