Adrenaline MMA CEO and fight manager Monte Cox was a recent guest on MMA Rated Radio and discussed a number of topics.

However, what caught my eye was Cox’s candidness about his feelings towards rival agent/manager Ken Pavia.

When asked by Ariel Helwani about Pavia sticking to managing and not promoting, Cox responded by saying:

That’s the difference between Ken and I. Ken struggles to be a manager let alone trying to promote. I mean, it would be horrible to fail at both professions. So, he should just stick to what he’s doing.

But things only get more interesting when Cox started talking about the differences that exist between the two:

I’m taller than him as is most everybody (laughs)… He’s never developed a fighter in his life. You know, it is what it is. I mean, we’re completely different. You have two kinds of people: He calls himself an agent which is probably right. I’m a manager; I take guys in the beginning of their career and develop them…An agent is someone who says ‘look, I don’t really know you but I bet I can make money with you and I got nothing to do with developing your career but, hey, go with me and I got some connection and I’ll make money with you.’ It’s a huge, huge difference. Anyone can watch a UFC and pick out a guy who does well and say ‘man I should manage that guy.’ Well, that’s nice but what about the guy who’s been managing and handling that guy for the four years before he got there? In my business, we call those agents “poachers.”

That’s some pretty potent stuff right there. For more of it, just click here.