Or so he told The Fight Network:

“[UFC matchmaker] Joe Silva told me that it usually takes a couple of days for their legal department to complete the paperwork and that he would send me all of the paperwork to indicate that my contract has been dissolved,” Starnes said. “Later on in the afternoon, after I had spoken to Joe Silva, a story was released by some reporter from Yahoo! in which Dana White said that he had released me from my contract. I received no documentation on that, and it came after I asked to be released.”

Kalib Starnes claims to have asked for his release after sustaining injuries early in the fight against Nate Quarry that stopped him from being effective from that point forward. He claims for the paltry $10,000 he was making that picking up five injuries just wasn’t worth it.

“Dana White wouldn’t stand and trade with a guy [like Quarry] who had an 80 or 90 percent knockout ratio with injuries like I had Saturday night,” Starnes said. “He wouldn’t cross the street for $10,000. I don’t have anything to prove to anybody. I’m not about to stand there and get smashed to pieces. After I knew my foot was broken, I was trying to back up and work off the jab and keep moving so I didn’t get knocked out.”

Even if all of this injury news is true I have a hard time believing the casual fan is going to find it in their heart to forgive Kalib for a performance that will go down in the ages. You might have only made $10,000 but try telling that to a guy that shelled out $45 to watch that unfold for fifteen minutes. Kalib went out with a parting shot at Dana:

“All of these comments come from a man that has never had a fight in his entire life who claims to be the ultimate authority on fighting and courage.”

Well even if you’re hating Kalib right now you have to admit he’s kind of got him there. I’ve never quite looked at it the same since Dana was talking about a guy (Matt Arroyo?) on The Ultimate Fighter not being a fighter or warrior because he pulled out of a fight with cracked ribs. Yeah, let’s see how you’d do. It’s one thing to know your sport and run it well, it’s another to question manhoods when you can’t do what they do in the first place. Well, except maybe Starnes. I think he could definitely do that.