I’ll be the first to admit I love playing devil’s advocate but as far as I know everyone hates Sean Sherk. That’s the thing, no one knows why but we all do. It’s not as if BJ Penn is a better guy than Sean Sherk. We’ve all seen how hard he works and he seems well educated. Why do people hate him? Lately his comments have come to my attention and I question if it was all a misunderstanding in the first place:

Following the reduction in his sentence, Sherk told reporters he would never fight in California again.

“Absolutely not,” he said. “It won’t even be offered to me. The way (the CSAC does) stuff is very biased. They don’t have rules; they don’t have regulations … they make stuff up as they go.”

That’s an angry man. Comedian Patrice O’Neal said it best but isn’t the only one to think this way; innocent people are angry when the punishment is over. I think people are guilty based on if I think they are guilty. Guilty people never come out and yell at the jury when they’re out of jail. Mike Tyson famously said when he was out of jail something along the lines of, “I wish I would have raped the bitch.” That’s an innocent man. A guilty man doesn’t say that. It takes an innocent man and his anger to go off on the people that accused him in the first place of a crime he didn’t commit. If you’re guilty you leave with your head down and hope it doesn’t come up again. I also don’t like Sean Sherk for some reason I don’t understand. But it’s not like the California State Athletic Commission is a well respected body in the MMA community, they’re at times questionable at best.

Again, why do we dislike Sean Sherk? What did he do to us exactly? Based on his comments I feel it was a mistaken supplement intake. Put yourself in his shoes. Say you worked your ass off every single day and you were suspended because one of the forty supplements you took had an illegal ingredient in it. You’d be really pissed off and wouldn’t understand the vitriol directed at you.

I don’t know. You don’t know. Can we atleast agree to give Sherk, an educated man, the benefit of the doubt that he wouldn’t be caught taking steroids and the people that accused him, the CSAC, are idiots? That’s possible, right? Right?