I’ve read one too many posts on this blog as well as others that are ripping Scott Ferrall and his performance as a ring announcer during this past Friday’s debut show for YAMMA Pit Fighting.

While I have not seen the event in its entirety, I have watched clips online and have also seen the infamous Ferrall video that is currently making the rounds.

Maybe I’m biased because I’ve listened to Ferrall since high school. I am a huge fan of his and listen to his show on Sirius Satellite Radio on an almost nightly basis. That’s the thing though — I’ve heard Ferrall and know what he’s about.

Ferrall is unique and doesn’t believe in presenting a cookie cutter template sports talk show. Nothing that he does is conventional. His style isn’t for everyone, but there are a lot of people who enjoy his show. Myself included.

Ferrall is great in the right role but putting him in as a ring announcer was short-sighted on the part of the organizers of YAMMA. To expect Ferrall to come in and play the role of traditional ring announcer — if that’s what they expected — was just unrealistic.

To think Ferrall wasn’t going to try and add his personal flair to the introductions in an attempt to make them more interesting is just ignorant. YAMMA is either at fault for not doing their homework or if they were familiar with Ferrall, then they are at fault for not casting him in a role that he was better suited for.

To me, the natural fit for someone as charismatic as Ferrall is as a backstage interviewer. The guy is all personality so why make him the ring announcer, which is traditionally a role where you have to restrain your personality? Let him talk to the fighters and see if he can ask them irreverent questions and draw something out of them.

To those who continue to rip the guy, chances are you’re not familiar with his sports talk show. Because if you were, you’d understand that the guy was just doing what he makes a living at doing every day. If you’re going to blame someone, you should blame YAMMA.

The fact that Ferrall’s presence on the show wasn’t promoted at all is another issue. Perhaps if they did, more of his listeners would have gone down there to check out the event. And if Ferrall had been playing to a more favorable crowd, his routine would have come off much differently. Instead, you had him trying to throw out one-liners that were met with absolutely no response. Trying to revolutionize the role of the ring announcer in front of a dead audience just wasn’t a good idea in hindsight.  Put him in front of a crowd that understands what he’s all about, and the end result might have been different.

The funny thing is that in the days proceeding the event, Ferrall has gotten more attention from the MMA media than any fighter involved on that card. That can either be a good thing or a bad thing. On one hand, at least YAMMA is getting some publicity. On the other hand, the tournament was supposed to build new stars and it’s not a good sign when more people are talking about your ring announcer than your tournament winner.