Take it for what you will, Kurt Angle opening his mouth, but that’s the word according to Rajah.com, citing an interview with Angle on KHTK 1140 in Sacramento.

Angle states he’s doing different things from tv shows to movies to an upcoming “MMA fight” with Randy Couture:

Angle said he and Couture have both signed with a promotion but won’t say who. Angle said they will be looking for more promoters to help make the event something big and special. Angle said the fight would more than likely take place in California but did not mention a city.

I started to say, “I believe this about as much as,” but couldn’t think of anything asinine enough to complete the simile. I’ll personally wait on some type of Randy Couture confirmation. I might be waiting a very long time, but I’ll be waiting.

Why does Angle continue to discuss UFC or Couture in every interview he gives? Is it a macho thing? Like when Hulk Hogan threatens to beat people up on his reality show when very likely one of those Missouri child MMA fighters could take out his weak knees with a leg kick? Kurt, we respect your wrestling background, you’re a great athlete. Stop trying to prove something you won’t be able to prove.