There have been some rumblings and discussions about last Wednesday’s aired preliminary bout between Manny Gamburyan and Jeff Cox at UFC Fight Night 13. At the start of the bout the two went to touch gloves when Gamburyan looked to pull away and throw a kick. Click here to check out a gif of the kick.

Fair or foul?

I’ve seen three different ways of thought on the issue:

A) The action shows a complete lack of sportsmanship and class. If you don’t want to touch gloves either wave him away or stay in a fighting position. This is just taking unfair advantage and throwing a cheap shot.

B) It’s a fight and you should protect yourself at all times. You can touch gloves before the fight but once the bell rings it’s every man for himself.

C) It does show a lack of class but you don’t have to touch gloves and he has every right to do that if he wishes.

So, is the action fair or foul?