img_0983-hamman-vs-suganuma-knee.jpgHere are the quick results from tonight’s ShoXC event:

  • Po’ai Suganuma TKO (strikes) over Jared Hamman at 0:15 of round1
  • Fabricio Camoes KO over Joe Camacho at 3:30 of round 1
  • Shayna Baszler submission (neck crank) over Keiko Tamai at 2:05 of round 1
  • Giva Santana submission (armbar) over Matt Lucas at 4:49 of round 1
  • Bao Quach KO over Doug Evans at 0:55 of round 1

All of the fights tonight ended in quick and decisive fashion. Between this show, the 3/21 ShoXC, and then last week’s EliteXC/Strikeforce show in San Jose, there’s been a lot of early finishes on EliteXC promoted shows.

Suganuma stunned Hamman with a punch and then nailed a flying knee that took Hamman off his feet and into the cage in a downed position. Suganuma went in for the kill but the referee stopped it. Hamman claimed he was never out and many people in the crowd felt it was an early stoppage. During the post-fight interview, both the idea of a rematch with both fighters was brought up and both seemed open to the idea (although I’d love to see Sugnuma fight on the June 14 Hawaii show against Rafael Feijao).

The fighter who impressed me the most tonight was Baszler. She is now 3-0 in ShoXC and looks to be putting great effort into making her fights as exciting as possible and really showing personality in her interviews. She hit a nice German suplex on Tamai that was preceded by a knee to the face. And the neck crank was nasty; Tamai tapped almost immediately.

After the fight, Baszler proclaimed herself as the woman to beat in the EliteXC female division and even name-dropped Tara LaRosa, proclaiming that she’d like for the two of them to fight. A year ago I would have said LaRosa would be the heavy favorite in that fight but Baszler looks greatly improved with each bout and now I’m not sure who’d win. Regardless of who would be favored going in, I think it would be a tremendous fight and good for female MMA.

Quick note: both Tamai and Baszler weighed in under the 140 lbs. weight limit for their fight.

I also felt it was another strong night for the commentating team of Mauro Ranallo and Stephen Quadros. The two really excel in the ShoXC format. Quadros was especially on point tonight. There was also some good storytelling that added context to some of the fights.

Quach’s win was impressive but even more so when you take into account that he accepted the fight on less than a week’s notice. He was a late replacement for Wilson Reis. Being affiliated with the same school as Wilson, I was disappointed not to see him fight but he’ll be back. I would think the May 31 CBS undercard would be a good fit for him considering that he’s a Philadelphia-based fighter and a lot of his fans would be more than willing to make the trip up to Newark, N.J. to see him.