UFC.com has officially announced that Melvin Guillard will return to the organization to battle Dennis Siver at UFC 86 (Rampage vs Forrest).

What? Dating back to his Baltimore Sun interview….

I’m going to take a few fights outside the UFC to get back some of my wins. Hopefully, it’s not any all-around chumps.

So one fight against a .500 opponent on a small show and you bring him back? What was the purpose of even letting him leave to begin with? This is one of the most classless guys in the sport that refuses to admit his loss to Clementi and even said he’d be “willing to do it in the backyard.”

Or how about during his old UFC Fight Club chat:

o4sheez says: do you wear your chastity belt before big fights?

MelvinGuillard says: do you wear yours when I come over to your house? Is this a hot chick? If not your gay

How immature is this guy? What punishment was this exactly? He was suspended several months for testing positive for cocaine last year. I won’t argue he has a name and entertainment value but if you wish to have him in the long run don’t you need to send a message?

Is he still out there stalking Rich Clementi hoping for a street fight in New Orleans just as OJ is stalking the “real killer” on a golf course somewhere? What kind of message does this send? If the UFC is looking for the betterment of Guillard and his future in the organization they should send a message here. Guillard is not emotionally mature enough to be coming back any time soon. I’m not saying it’s their responsibility to coddle him but this can only get worse. He called his cocaine suspension, “bad luck.” No, walking under a ladder is bad luck. Doing cocaine when you get tested for it is “bad judgment.”

Look at Chris Henry or Pacman Jones in the NFL, these guys don’t learn lessons until they need to do so. Let him fight in “Xtreme International Cage Fighting World Championship Combat Punishment Ironman League 326” until that lesson is slapped upon his face.