icfc.jpgThe news cycle has been crazy the last two days so I haven’t had a lot of time to devote to previewing tonight’s WEC card (9 p.m. ET on VERSUS).

While this isn’t the promotion’s best lineup on paper, I still think it’s a good show and you can’t judge a WEC card by how it looks on paper. Some of the best matchmaking in MMA takes place in the WEC so tonight’s show could easily be a sleeper card.

Since I can’t wait to kick back and watch this show tonight, I felt it would be a big mistake not to give my thoughts on what I am expecting from the televised bouts.

Doug Marshall vs. Brian Stann for the WEC Light Heavyweight Title:

A lot of haters out there have ripped Brian Stann in the past but I’m a fan of the guy. And after meeting him in person last year, I developed even more respect for him.

Brian Stann is all about three things: his family, the U.S. Marine corps, and fighting. I hate when people rip him for talking up his experience in the military because it’s a case of the WEC wisely promoting that aspect of his background and the media making the decision to ask him about it. If people don’t like the fact that his military credentials are being promoted, blame the media and the WEC. But to expect the media or the WEC to try and downplay his military background is kind of naive.

All Stann has done is what is asked of him and has only taken what’s been given to him. Is he ready for this spot? I think so. Granted, he doesn’t have a lot of fights under his belt but his hands are very impressive. He’s a big, strong fighter who is only going to get better once he’s able to devote even more time to training.