I’m sure I’ll get heat for running with this story, but it’s too good not to pass along.

A website called MediaTakeOut.com is claiming it has “inside” sources within the UFC that are stating that Baltimore Ravens MLB Ray Lewis could be close to signing a deal to fight:

February 29, 2008. First Floyd Mayweather signs with the WWE, now MediaTakeOut.com is hearing whispers that NFL’s Ray Lewis is close to signing on to the Ultimate Fighting Championship mixed martial arts league.

According to a person who works at U.F.C., the Baltimore Ravens star linebacker and the league have been negotiating for months and are close to closing the deal. The insider told MediaTakeOut.com, “Ray Lewis was an All-American wrestler in high school, and he’s just an all around bad a**. He’ll fit in perfectly here.”

And the insider claims that the deal wouldn’t interfere with Ray’s NFL career. He explained to MediaTakeOut.con, “We’re not looking to sign him on full-time, just a match or two a year – and he can handpick the opponent … He has such a big name that it will do wonders for the sport.”

I have no idea whether MediaTakeOut.com is legit or not. Regardless, the post smells a little fishy, especially since the standard NFL contract contains language that would preclude Lewis from participating in activities such as competitive mixed martial arts.

There has been talk within the last year through that Lewis is on the downside of his career and perhaps MMA is a part of his post-NFL career path? Former NFL players Marcus Jones, Bobby Jones, Herbert Goodman, Johnnie Morton, and Michael Westbrook have all migrated into competitive MMA since leaving the NFL.