1011_hkgkmizzoe_medium1.jpgIn an exclusive interview with ProElite.com (SamCaplan.ProElite.com) on Wednesday afternoon, EliteXC lightweight champion K.J. Noons fired back at the camp of Nick Diaz following a post on the web site GracieFighter.com that accuses Noons of turning down a proposed rematch against Niaz on April 26 in Honolulu, Hawaii.

GracieFighter.com, which is operated by Diaz’s long-time trainer, Cesar Gracie, posted the following:

KJ Noons has refused a rematch with Nick Diaz. Noons won the EliteXC title after defeating Diaz by doctor’s stoppage due to a cut. Diaz subsequently went in for plastic surgery after a specialist determined that the sharpness of the bones above his eyes would lead to more cuts and make it impossible for him to pursue a successful MMA career. The surgery was a complete success.

EliteXC suggested a rematch just as the UFC had when Vitor Belfort defeated Randy Couture for their title due to a cut, however KJ and his camp have now responded that they do not want anything to do with a rematch. Diaz will still be fighting at the event against another EliteXC fighter, most likely Muhsin Corbbrey (6-2).

Noons, normally calm and reserved, had already read the comments when contacted by ProElite.com and took great issue with the claims made by Diaz’s camp. They are claims he categorically disputed.

“First of all, I don’t dodge anybody,” Noons stated in an uncharacteristic stern tone. “Whoever is the best, I want to fight them. As champion, you can’t decline who you want to fight. You only have one option as to who you’re going to fight, and that’s the best. Whoever the best is, that’s who I have to fight. In regard to a rematch with Nick, that would be a great pay day for me. Unfortunately, he’s not the best.”

Noons continued to rebut GracieFighter.com’s statements, claiming that he has no incentive to dodge a rematch with Diaz because he considers it an “easy pay day.” He indicated that he felt if anyone was entitled to a rematch, he deserved one against Charles “Krazy Horse” Bennett stemming from a knockout loss during EliteXC’s first-ever show last February.

“As for Nick, of course he’s going to get a rematch in the future,” Noons commented. “They created a weight division for this guy (and) he’s such a big crybaby. Eventually they are going to be able to rebuild him and of course he’s going to get a rematch but he’s not the best right now. So I’d love an easy pay day. If he deserves a rematch right now, what about my rematch with Krazy Horse? I’d love a rematch with Krazy Horse and I’ve won a few fights so I think I’m more deserving than someone like Diaz in regards to getting a rematch right now. As far as declining the fight, I don’t decline fights. You don’t get an option as champion to decline a fight. You’re only option is to fight the best.”