Rashad Evans and Tito Ortiz fought to a draw at UFC 73 Stacked. After the fight, Dana White said that Ortiz and Evans would have an immediate rematch. That didn’t happen. Evans fought and defeated Michael Bisping while Ortiz is set to face Lyoto Machida in a few months.

According to Evans, the rematch with Ortiz was never going to occur.

I don’t think it was very close at all,” said Evans, “Ortiz had a contract thing going, and he got started on the Apprentice.”

As a result if Ortiz’s outside commitments, Evans ended up fighting Bisping in November at UFC 78. Sure, the fight was a main event, but it was widely viewed as the weakest UFC main event in a long time.

Not having the second match-up fight against Ortiz had to a be a serious letdown. Fighting Ortiz would give him another high profile against an MMA superstar.

Now, the undefeated Evans is set to face off against another undefeated fighter in Thiago Silva. A win against Silva should propel Evans back into the main event picture. How much more does he need to do? Evans has not lost a fight in the UFC including his run through the heavyweights in the Ultimate Fighter season 2.

With his advanced wrestling skills, Evans may not have the most exciting style, but he does have a very impressive winning streak. Hopefully, Evans will get some increased top-level opportunities in 2008.