Adam Morgan made a post on Sunday containing quotes from BodogFIGHT welterweight champion Nick Thompson in which he revealed on the Underground forum at a possible February rematch vs. Eddie Alvarez was off the table. According to Thompson, BodogFIGHT informed him that the match wouldn’t be happening because “Alvarez’s head wasn’t in the right place.”

Well, Alvarez has responded and it appears he could be the latest Bodog fighter to jump ship.

In Alvarez’s response to Thompson on the UG, he gave no indication of his “head not being in the right place” in regard to a rematch. It’s a rematch he still covets, but frustrations with BodogFIGHT has caused him to look at other options.

According to Alvarez’s response, he trained full-time two months for the original Nov. 24 rematch vs. Thompson. When it was canceled, he received no compensation. When the promotion tried to put the match together again for February, Alvarez asked for a third of his compensation up front out of concern that the match could be postponed again. Alvarez claimed his request was denied.

Alvarez ended his response by saying he has two offers on the table, one from EliteXC and M-1 Global, and that he’s been offered some big-time fights:

I got 2 very lucrative offers from m1 and showtime, and even if im not fighting will give me what i need to get by, and ill be fighting at 160 or 155 in 2 promotions that have some of the top guyz at those weights. The Idea of fighting Nick again in the future is something I would like to do but right now Whats in my best interest is to do what im doing so it is what it is.Sry if I disappointed anyone who was looking foward to this rematch . But I promise MY fights lined up for 08 will be just as exciting if not better. ( can confirm that Alvarez at one point had been offered the main event slot for EliteXC’s next ShoXC card on Jan. 25 in Atlantic City against Paul Daley, with a guaranteed lightweight title shot against K.J. Noons if he won. The slot against Daley is now expected to go to Mike Aina.

Alvarez still seems like a great fit for EliteXC’s 160 lbs. division. Matchups vs. Daley and Noons would certainly be intriguing but the fight I’d love to see is Alvarez vs. Nick Diaz. That would be a war.