With EliteXC’s next show not planned until January 25’s ShoXC event in Atlantic City, news pertaining to the promotion has been very limited. However, EliteXC live events president Gary Shaw drew a few headlines after he issued a challenge to Tito Ortiz for a match against Kimbo Slice following Ortiz’s comments during an E:60 story on ESPN last week in which Ortiz was less than complementary towards Slice.

I recently had the opportunity to ask Shaw about his thoughts on a Slice vs. Ortiz matchup, Gina Carano’s involvement on American Gladiators, whether EliteXC is in talks to promote a match between Ken Shamrock vs. Frank Shamrock, and much more.

Sam Caplan: Tito Ortiz made some interesting comments regarding Kimbo Slice during last week’s ESPN feature. Since then you’ve been quoted about expressing an interest in making a match between Tito and Kimbo. Is that correct?

Gary Shaw: Yes, absolutely. Any time someone talks either on TV or to a reporter and either demeans a fighter or says “let’s bring it on,” I’m willing to do the fight. And Kimbo Slice would get into the cage with Tito Ortiz any day.

Sam Caplan: How do you think that fight would play out?

Gary Shaw: I think Kimbo Slice would probably knock him out. I think Tito would try to submit him, try to bring him down. I believe he’d get knocked out; he’s got a suspect chin. But I’m confident with Bas behind Kimbo that he’s fine on the ground.

Sam Caplan: There’s been a lot of talk that Kimbo’s next fight for EliteXC will be in February. Is that true? And if so, has an opponent been signed for that bout?