Earlier this week, Dan Duggan of The Boston Herald conducted an interview with TUF 7 coach and UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson. Already, UFC President Dana White is promising viewers a newly revamped season of The Ultimate Fighter. “Rampage” shared some of his own thoughts about the upcoming season:

I saw the first season (of TUF) a couple of times, (but) it comes on late at night… I’m training for fights so I don’t have time to watch a bunch of dudes running around a house. I heard the show’s pretty good… I saw some interesting stuff. The first time I saw it, a guy was pissing on somebody’s pillow and I thought it was pretty funny so I tried to watch it every chance I got… I don’t really coach people… Most times I try to give my teammates and the people I train with a few pointers about what to do and what works for me and they don’t take my advice. I guess I’m not influential. I guess people don’t give a damn about what I’ve got to say about fighting. I’m just trying to bring what I can bring to the show… (I’ll bring) my personality and hopefully act up a little bit.  

Later on, Duggan concluded “the biggest thing he will try to pass on will be ‘how to whup ass.'” If the promised new format of the TUF show does not deliver, at least viewers will be able to see Quinton Jackson acting crazy for an hour every Wednesday night, starting in April 2008.

(Thanks to MMAMania)