Whether or not Mac Danzig beats Tommy Speer on Saturday that will be the last time you will see the King Of The Cage and Pride Veteran in the 170lb. weight class according to an article on UFC.com.

I decided that before I even went on the show. I really have no business fighting the top five guys at 170. I walk around at 170, those guys walk around at 190. So it’s not a good idea for me.

Danzig says he still believes he could beat the the best 170 lbs. talent most of the time but when talent is equal, size matters and 155 is just a better fit for him.

I really want to make a run for the title, and 155 is my weight class. I feel that within a couple of years I can be world champion at 155. I’m looking forward to jumping in the mix with those guys (other lightweight fighters) and I think that’s where the exciting fights are.

The news does not really come as a shock due to the fact he fought Hayato Sakurai in Pride this year at 163 lbs. and was the King Of The Cage lightweight champion.

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