Five Ounces of Pain was able to make it on the media conference call for the TUF 6 Finale. Those present on the call were: Matt Hughes, Roger Huerta, Clay Guida, Tommy Speer, and Mac Danzig.  Dana White did not make it to the press conference, so there were not any “juicy rumors” started today.  Here are some of the highlights of the discussion: 

– Roger Huerta, when asked about the death of Sam Vasquez, replied, “No, I have actually not heard of any MMA fighters dying.  I’m willing to die in there as well.  But no, I didn’t get anything on that at all.” (…not the most P.C. comment I’ve ever heard.)

– Mac Danzig mentioned that he has been training at Xtreme Couture in Las Vegas for this bout to get training in with some great LW and WW fighters (namely Jay Hieron, Chris Horodecki, Mark Hominick, Gray Maynard, Tyson Griffin, Frank Trigg, and Kendall Grove).

– Matt Hughes was asked to break down the fight between Tommy Speer and Mac Danzig.  He said it was going to be “a great test for both fighters and an age old battle.”  Speer is going to value strength and size over technique, and Danzig will value technique over strength and size.  He’s not cornering anyone, he’s going to stay neutral and enjoy the fight.

– Huerta mentioned that he thinks he deserves the first fight with Sean Sherk after his suspension is up.  He believes he’s already done enough to earn the title shot.

– When asked to comment on opponent, Tommy Speer, Mac Danzig spoke nothing but kind words about his former teammate on the show.  He said he tough Speer was one of the tougher guys on the show, and that he’s a naturally tough guy.  He also went on to say that he saw the most growth skill-wise in Speer above the other contestants in the show.  Mac did mention that he has been working a lot on his wrestling.

– Speer was asked to compare his training before and after the show.  Speer said that he’s been training full-time in Illinois with Matt Hughes.  Before the show he trained around working on the farm, but this time he was able to just focus on fighting, instead of “milking the cows.”

– Huerta mentioned several times that he believes he is stronger than Clay Guida in every aspect of MMA.- Guida responded to Huerta’s words by stating that if all people think he’s good for is wrestling and good cardio, then they’re in for a “rude awakening.”

– When asked if he had anything to say to injured Matt Serra, Hughes said that he had “no words for Serra at all.”

– Over the course of several questions, Matt Hughes talked about the hardship of losing those six straight fights on the show, but he couldn’t be any happier about both of his guys being a part of the finale.  Hughes also mentioned that he really didn’t want to be on the show again.  He was able to hang out with Rich Franklin a lot off-camera, but this time he wouldn’t have anyone to hang out with because he wouldn’t be spending time with Matt Serra.  When Dana White told him that he could bring on his own assistant coaches, he eventually agreed. 

This should be an entertaining show on Saturday night.  There seems to be a solid amount of smack-talking and a confident swagger coming from Roger Huerta, but Clay Guida has maintained that Huerta will be surprised when they get into the cage together.  For the TV show finale bout, Danzig and Speer seem to be very respectable of each other but they have no problems fighting, despite being on the same team on the show.  This should be an interesting style match-up and has the potential to be pretty exciting.